In this training FAQ, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about Stoked Yogi teacher training and certification retreats. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us!

I don’t have a 200 hour yoga certification. May I still attend training?

We require all participants have a 200 hour teaching certification OR equivalent experience. The reason we require this is that five days is not a sufficient amount of time to teach you how to safely and clearly instruct yoga. We ask that you come with a baseline of knowledge on how to teach yoga safely on a stable surface, so that we can teach you how to adapt the practice and teaching to an unstable surface. We may make an exception to this rule if you have been teaching yoga for many years, or if you have a very strong personal practice, knowledge of anatomy and equivalent teaching experience in a related field. In some cases, we may allow you to take training for personal development without obtaining a certification. In short, please contact us directly – send an email to – or complete the application and explain your experience. We are always happy to discuss the possibility.

What exactly is included in “all-inclusive?”

We include accommodations (shared room, twin bed), three meals per day, transportation to and from nearest airport, all equipment, instruction, and swag from our sponsors. Basically, you are only responsible for airfare and providing your own snacks for training.

*NOTE: Some trainings have all inclusive package booked separately through training host. Refer to each individual training event for details about optional all inclusive packages. 

What are the accommodations like?

Accommodations vary from location to location, but there are a few things that we are always sure to provide: waterfront location, WiFi, laundry, and linens are all included at the house. Your bed arrangements will be determined by your tuition, but we guarantee at least a twin bed in a shared room. You may upgrade to a private room for an additional cost. Please inquire about your specific training upgrade options.

What kind of food do you serve?

All of our trainings are staffed with a private chef. We serve nutritious, gluten free, dairy free, vegan meals. This means our food has no gluten and no animal products – the reason behind this is that this diet can accommodate pretty much everyone. We do not provide alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. We usually have one night that is a “party” night!

That being said, we always have a full kitchen and invite you to prepare your own meals if you want to supplement our diet with meat, dairy, or a glass of wine! We are a zero-judgement environment, and encourage you to nourish yourself as needed. We strongly suggest that you bring snacks to eat between meals. You will get hungry from long days on the water!

What’s your cancellation policy? Can I get my deposit back if something happens and I’m not able to attend training?

Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Tuition payments on top of deposit may be transferred to a training of choice within one calendar year from the date of your initial scheduled training, provided you give notice at least 30 days prior to your scheduled event. Cancellations within 30 days of training forfeit all payments. In the event that Stoked Yogi cancels a training, we will offer a complete refund of your deposit or tuition. You can learn more about our refund policy here.

Do I get a WPA certification in training? What about ACA? Are they the same as PaddleFit?

Our trainings are informed by PaddleFit, ACA, and WPA requirements.

When you first start teaching, choosing between ACA and PaddleFit is an either/or situation which depends mostly on where you train and what type of water you paddle in. ACA offers education geared towards rivers and holds onto some teaching principles from canoe/kayak which may not apply as well to paddling. Paddlefit, though newer, is the most beneficial educational system for teaching people how to paddle and developing strong paddle and SUP fitness skills.

Also, there are extensions and continuations of SUP specific training that may be better through other organizations. For example, swift water rescue (for rivers) is best done through ACA. Surf specific safety through ocean lifeguarding or ASI.

Stoked Yogi SUP Yoga certification provides carefully selected programming to give you the broad skill set that will enable you to successfully develop your own business or teach SUP yoga for another company immediately after training. PaddleFit combined with our own 3 day Stoked Yogi modules is the best way to accomplish this – unlike some other trainings, we dive into other areas besides SUP that will cultivate well rounded teaching skills – everything from dharma journaling to the business of SUP yoga to theming and language for the water. With daily teaching practice, applied water rescue, games and interactive teaching, we aim to build the best teachers in the world. We are always open to feedback and are continually refining and adapting our program to suit your needs.