Private Training SUP Yoga

COVID-19 UPDATE (December 2020 – June 2021)

Due to the continued safety risk of COVID-19 for travel and in person gatherings, we have suspended private SUP Yoga teacher trainings until Summer 2021. If you have questions about scheduling for late summer or fall of 2021, please contact for more information, COVID precautions and current rates. 

Private Teacher Training

There are many advantages to practicing yoga in a group: camaraderie, connection to a group consciousness, finding inspiration in others, and collaborative learning (gaining knowledge from other’s experiences.)  There are also numerous advantages to a one-on-one approach to continuing education, particularly within yoga. Yoga is traditionally taught one on one, passed from teacher to student. How can this tradition benefit your practice?

  • Access and adapt postures in alignment with your personal style preference
  • Develop a stronger teaching voice with daily teach back practice
  • Devote time to particular areas of interest and receive detailed constructive feedback
  • Learn water safety and local knowledge tailored to your teaching location
  • Individualized attention to your business plan, including wholesale account setup, web design, social media marketing assistance, and ongoing support
  • Refine your stroke and paddle technique
  • Create a training experience that works for your schedule
  • VIP treatment every step of the way – we can even bring the training to you and customize the learning experience to your body of water.

What’s Included in Private Certification:

    • 25 – 40 hours of one on one instruction with Stoked Yogi master trainer
    • SUP Skills: Paddle technique including stroke and maneuvering, board anatomy and handling, entry and exit techniques, caring for your board.
    • Instructing a beginner and intermediate level SUP lesson
    • Weather and water safety: Regulations, local knowledge, rescue techniques and lifesaving skills.
    • Anchor systems: Individual and group
    • Adapting and sequencing asana on the water, including a set beginner sequence and guidelines for creative and safe sequencing
    • Two guided meditation techniques unique to the water
    • Pranayama for building heat on the water
    • Building Your Business: Purchasing and preparing, start up capital, marketing and advertising, web development and software, reaching your audience.
    • Defining Your Brand coaching session: use creative visualization techniques to feel out the brand you want to build and create a branding and vision board.
    • Equipment for training including Glide Yoga Board, paddle, anchor, and PFD.
    • Stoked Yogi beach bag filled with apparel, accessories, and goodies from our sponsors.

3 Day California Training: $1750
Hosted Training: $3000 base

Contact us via form below with your location, dates, and number of students for a personalized quote.